The Instagram Diaries #1: From Photographer to iPhonographer

I was a professional photographer for more than a decade and my journey into the world of photography began in the same way as most pre-digital shooters; in a dimly lit black and white photography darkroom. The Magic of the Darkroom I can still smell the strong mix of chemicals that hit me every time
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Don’t Make These Mistakes With Your Online Content

When it comes to your brand’s content, quality, not quantity applies. Don’t get me wrong, consistency matters, but quality should be a top priority. That doesn’t mean you need to buy the latest and greatest digital camera to take high-quality Twitpics and YouTube videos – no, no, no. Quality means you need to offer real
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Weekly Creative Challenge #4: Say Yes To New Experiences

We all get stuck in routines and patterns. It’s so easy being a creature of habit, isn’t it? I know I’m guilty of it, big time. The downside of doing the same thing, day in and day out, is that we’re not learning anything new, which gives us limited life experiences to draw upon creatively.
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