Social Needia for Schools

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As a social media trainer, I spend a lot of time researching social media and I’m fascinated by the way different generations communicate online.

I grew up in the 80s in an era when we didn’t have mobile phones in our pockets 24/7, and only the biggest nerds studied computer class at school. Now, everybody wants to be the next Mark Zuckerberg.

Now, at 32, I am a self-confessed iPhone and social media addict. In fact, I love social media so much that I’ve made it my full-time job. Social media training is a core focus of my work.

Teens spend more time online than any other generation. With all of the online benefits (unbelievable communication and access to people, news, places) come risks, potential pitfalls and safety issues that need to be addressed.

In my presentation Social Needia for Schools, I use humour to connect with students, and draw attention to the best ways to behave, and set healthy boundaries, when spending time online.

The key points covered are:

1. Think before you post.
2. Always be respectful.
3. Don’t believe everything you see online. Be aware that people only show you what they want
to show you.
4. Protect your privacy and your content.
5. Don’t give nasty people your online time (cyber-bullying).
6. Use technology without disconnecting from those around you.

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“Jordana presented ‘Social Needia – for Schools’ to our students in Years 10, 11 and 12. Her brand of humour, story-telling and important messages, delivered in the students’ own language and with clear resonances with their own experiences, was very successful. Students reported that they enjoyed the session, and would be reflecting on the key ideas. Thank you Jordana!”

– Rabbi James Kennard, Principal, Mount Scopus Memorial College

“Jordana’s piece, Social Needia, is an extremely entertaining performance, specifically geared to students, about the ever-growing desperation to stay connected, all the while disengaging from real life. Social Needia manages to give a light-hearted take on a serious matter in the local dialect of the digital citizen, and so speaking to students loud and clear. Not only were the students entertained, they had been given food for thought concerning the level of their own social media activity, and ideas and suggestions about how they may “reconnect” with real life. As a teacher, I too found Social Needia thoroughly entertaining and helpful in providing me with a deeper insight into the ‘pathology’ and language of a world so very different from the one in which I grew up. I would certainly recommend Social Needia to any school who wishes to delve into digital student well-being.”

– Sharonne Blum, Year 10 Coordinator, Bialik College
My upcoming book, Capture My Attention, will be out soon. Filled with hands-on strategies and techniques, plus workbook-style exercises, it’s your ultimate guide to getting creative online. More info: Capture My Attention: How to Stand Out Online with Creative Content