Jordana engaged, educated and entertained with her high-energy and inspiring thinking. With great takeaways, delivered in a humorous and enthusiastic style, Jordana’s keynote on creativity and content was a memorable part of the event!
Debbie Ireland, Managing Director and Conference Organiser, ShareThePoint Ltd

Jordana’s like a bolt of electricity. She’s enthusiastic and her material has real substance. She has the ability to communicate to people that understand social, as well as those that don’t. Even my Mum would understand the jokes. Plus it was really diverse. It wasn’t just about social media; it was about life – and the fundamental shift we’ve made over the last five years. She actually made me cry tears of laughter. It had been a long time since I’d had one of those laugh-cries. #winning
Sam Mutimer, Social Media Director at Thinktank Social

Jordana came into my office and conquered. Her insightful and witty observations had my team in stitches; agreeing and even questioning their social media habits. Jordana is full of life, engaging, personable and delightful with a show that lingers in your consciousness for some time.
Daniel Kagan, Head of marketing and sponsorship at Sportsmate Mobile

Jordana was an absolute please to work with. She was willing to assist where possible and was extremely flexible and organised. She formulated her presentations with insightful, relevant and useful information for our members to take away. I would highly recommend her as a social media/digital speaker.
Kylie Wyatt, Master Electricians Events Coordinator

Thank you for your presentation. Your energy, information and fun made for an excellent end to three days of conferencing and networking. We loved your presentation.
Jodie Flower, National Marketing Manager, Hotondo Homes

Jordana is an exciting, relevant and dynamic performer. Her skill and knowledge of all things social media provides some essential learning for any audience wanting to connect digitally… AND… she’s funny!
Zara Swindells-Grose, Co-Director of Humour Australia (HA!)

Jordana was the highlight of our recent conference. Her presentation ‘Decoding the Next Generation’ was enlightening, entertaining and extremely funny!
Sharon Pryor, Hotondo Homes’ Women in Business conference organiser

Borensztajn deconstructs our use of social media and breaks down the importance that we place on creating a popular and well-liked perception of ourselves. Confident, clever and with a hint of self-deprecation, Borensztajn has produced a thought-provoking and poignant show.
Herald Sun, 2014

Rising star
Dave Hughes, Nova 100

Kate Langbroek, Nova 100

Witty, highly entertaining, completely relatable, irrefutably honest, up-to-the-minute comedy.
Crikey, 2013

Her tone is spot-on and self-deprecating in all the right places. Lots of laughs… One to watch.
Herald Sun, 2013

Her confidence and appealing stage presence are impressive… This one has a future.
ArtsHub, 2013

Warmth, charm, confident, polished, funny, professional, well-paced, delivered with heart, thrums with individuality.
Australian Stage, 2014

A hilarious look behind the scenes of life online that will leave you pondering: is there such a thing as too many LOL Cats?
Onya Magazine, 2014

When it comes to the egotistical world of social media, no-one can turn the comedic blowtorch on our conceits and vanities like Jordana Borensztajn. Her one-woman show Social Needia was ‘a laugh a minute’. Full of self-deprecating, acerbic one-liners, the audience couldn’t help but be swept along by Jordana’s impeccable timing and razor sharp observations that are not only true, but very, very funny. Highly recommended
Greg Thom, Editorial Manager at Telstra

Jordana’s observations have you in abundant stitches of laughter while taking a good hard look at yourself! #completelyhilarious #gotohershow
Yvonne Adele, MC, Speaker, Social Media Producer, the original Ms Megabyte

Jordana has captured the silliness of the social media obsession with hilarious insights. With style and a clever script, she uses a multimedia approach to highlight some of the bizarre things we do with Facebook and our mobile phones. It’s a whole new way of communicating – without having to speak or look at who we’re talking to. She bases her clever observations on herself, so if you are embarrassed, it’s because she opens your eyes to yourself. Wonderful.
Kevin McQuillan, Journalist and social media lecturer

Jordana nailed it. She was entertaining, on point and totally in her element. Two thumbs up, a Facebook share and a retweet.
Dan Monheit, Co-founder and director of strategy at Hardhat Digital

Jordana’s new book, Capture My Attention: How to Stand Out Online with Creative Content, is now available. Filled with hands-on strategies and techniques, plus workbook-style exercises, it’s your ultimate guide to getting creative online.

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