Social Media Content Strategy Workshop

Social Media Content Strategy Workshop

Do you struggle coming up with unique ideas for your brand’s social media accounts? Do you get stuck with creative blocks? Would you like to have ready-to-go strategies to generate engaging social media posts? 

In today’s noisy online world, being creative with your social media content is your key to differentiation. This interactive workshop will provide attendees with the skills to generate unique social media content ideas to attract attention, stand out, and differentiate their brand from their competitors.

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Workshop overview

Part 1: Understanding how social media has transformed communication

Part 2: Identifying how social media content helps brands connect

Part 3: Being creative with your online content: The key to standing out

Part 4: Strategies to apply creativity to your brand’s content

Part 5: Understanding the drivers that fuel social media sharing

Part 6: Finding your brand voice and putting it into action

Part 7: The power of visuals

Part 8: Brainstorming techniques to generate visual ideas to enhance your social media content

Part 9: Applying storytelling techniques to your content for impact

Part 10: Using humour to enhance your content toolkit

Part 11: Social media content creation ideas generation

Part 12: Choosing the right social media platforms

Part 13: Developing your social media strategy

Part 14: Developing your content strategy

Part 15: How do you measure ROI?

Part 16: Promoting your product in a creative way

* This workshop will look at the following social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube.

Call Jordana on 0412 126 769 or email for information on upcoming workshops.


Excellent workshop. Very useful information that will allow me to come up with more creative content which will engage audiences.
– Adam Steinhardt, Podiatrist

Great interactions and discussions. The format of the workshop was perfect.
– Joshua Venn, copywriter

Good balance of content. Well presented, with relevant, useable material that can be implemented straight away.
– Steve Moar, Owner at Moar Health Consulting, Director at Restart Group

Awesome workshop. Positive and engaging.
– Adam Krongold, Angel Investor

Jordana’s new book, Capture My Attention: How to Stand Out Online with Creative Content, is now available. Filled with hands-on strategies and techniques, plus workbook-style exercises, it’s your ultimate guide to getting creative online.

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