Zucker Up

I embarked on a global quest to try to make Mark Zuckberg laugh. From Australia to Silicon Valley, I was on a mission to find Facebook’s CEO and founder to tell him my favourite Facebook jokes.


I traveled from Melbourne, to Dallas, to New York City, and then onto Facebook’s headquarters in San Francisco. I set out to create an abundance of content along the way to add to the Zucker Up! buzz, and I had a wild adventure!

Here’s what I had in mind for my Zucker Up! quest before I left Australia:

I wanted to stand out so I created a world-first giant LIKE costume.


First stop: The Dallas Digital Summit. I was blown away by the amazing support I received from some extraordinary people, including Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak, Zuckerberg Media CEO (and Mark’s sister) Randi Zuckerberg and the voice of Apple’s Siri, Susan Bennett. You can see all of their support videos below.

Steve Wozniak, Apple’s co-founder

Randi Zuckerberg, CEO of Zuckerberg Media

Susan Bennett – The voice of SIRI

Next stop: New York City! I headed to Times Square dressed as a giant LIKE to chat with tourists to ask if they thought Mark would want to meet me. They weren’t convinced.

I headed to Grand Central Station with my best brave face as I offered free Hershey’s Kisses in exchange for Facebook LIKES. Um, it didn’t go too well. See for yourself below.

I danced with the Salvos at Times Square.

Dancing with the Salvos at Times Square? Yes please #giantLIKE #ZuckerUp

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I visited all of the big social media offices in NYC to say hi; Facebook, Mashable, BuzzFeed etc. Not surprisingly, nobody came down to greet me… Here I am outside Facebook’s NYC office. Just a little excited!


What else? I did some stand up at NYC clubs dressed in my Zucker Up! shirt. Of course I spoke about my quest and my Zuckerberg goals. At The Stand…

And at Greenwich Comedy Club…


When I finally arrived at Facebook’s HQ, I didn’t meet Mark – I was told he was away on holidays. But I had a blast nonetheless and loved every minute of my adventure!

I couldn’t have traveled on this global quest without the huge support from… YOU. Thanks to all of my friends and followers across social media who helped make this once-in-a-lifetime adventure completely unforgettable. I’m super grateful for your support!


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